Designer Suits for Men by SS HOMME


Designer Menswear Suits Collection

A wedding is the beginning to a beautiful journey of commitment and love towards to your bride. It is an awaited moment in a man’s life no matter how much he denies it. Every little detail will be etched forever to remind you of those magical moments. And maybe you might forget a thing or two. But the cameraman hired by you will make your every memory vivid by his captures which will stay with you always. So we are here to cover an important aspect of your wedding that is your clothes. NO!!!!!! You cannot go wrong with them. We take the responsibility in our designer hands to offer you the most stylish and grand attire for your entire wedding.


Being located in Mumbai gives us a fashionable edge. Our store is filled with every design desired by today’s fashion literate groom. We want our client to put his best foot forward and look no less than his adorable bride.


Change is the only constant thing in life they say! We abide by this saying in true sense. We bring to you the latest collection every time. Innovation is our main aim. By bringing something fresh always we have established ourselves as the ultimate brand in men’s wear. Male clothing was not an important aspect earlier but we are proud in proving this notion wrong. We have done this pioneering task of designer men’s wear and that too quite artistically you can say.


Our range includes all that you can think of. From a three piece suit to traditional wear we have it all. We want to be the go-to boutique a man thinks of when he thinks about his clothing. To make the wedding a successful event you juggle a thousand odd tasks. Imagine the relief we provide you by being the one stop destination for your clothes.


A poorly fit outfit can throw you out of gear. We assure you to give the comfort along with class. So be uninhibited while sitting, walking, standing and when giving the Bollywood thumkas!! Indian weddings are a grand affair so why should your clothes be any lesser?


We don’t just design your outfits. We intend to create an experience, mood and tempo for your wedding. A person feels good outside only when he is confident and contented within. We want to highlights those facets which you were not aware of earlier. People want the best of life and we offer nothing but the best. So all you men out there, let the celebrations begin!!!