What is Bespoke clothing?

Traditionally, Bespoke clothing is cut from a pattern drafted & designed from scratch specifically for the customer. This service differs significantly from the made to measure process wherein standard sized garments are merely altered to suit client specifications.

What is Prêt-à-Porter?

Prêt-à-Porter refers to our ready to wear collection that caters to clients who need to make a quick, off the shelf purchase but do not wish to make concessions with the quality of the product.

Our Prêt garments have been crafted from the same premium fabrics as those used to create a Bespoke ensemble. Also, exclusivity has been maintained by tailoring limited pieces per design.

Simply put, offering the ready to wear option helps us eliminate the gestation period binding to our Bespoke experience while retaining its hallmark of high quality standards and minimalistic design.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Is there a way to know which slots are available? A prior appointment is required for both, our Bespoke and Prêt services. You can book an appointment on our Contact Us page. Alternatively you can go through the ‘Book An Appointment’ App on our Facebook page, where our daily schedule can be viewed. Our timings are 12:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The store is shut on Mondays and all public holidays

How many studios do you have?

We have two studios. One in Mumbai and the other in Pune.

How long does a Bespoke consultation take?

The duration of the consultation can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon how long it takes to choose a fabric & design from our selection.

How long will it take to have my Bespoke suit made?

After the design & fabric selection stage, accounting for the three fitting sessions imperative to our Bespoke process, it takes us a fortnight to deliver a completely finished suit.

Delivery within 2 weeks is valid only if the fabric selected is in- house. If the fabrics need to be imported from our suppliers abroad, additional 8 to 10 working days would be required for delivery.

Will I be allowed to get my own fabric?

Yes, we do offer our Bespoke design and tailoring services for fabrics purchased from elsewhere .

Can I bring in a picture of a style that I like or a suit I like the fit of?

Reference images are more than welcome as it helps us understand your requirements.

Do you carry out repairs and alterations?

We carry out repairs & alterations on SS HOMME garments only. If the garment is brought back for alteration after the delivery date, an additional charge will be levied for the same.

At the time of purchase, if required, minor alteration can be carried out for our Prêt garments.

Depending on the nature of the modifications to be made, we will take an additional 2-5 days to deliver the altered garment.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of order for a Bespoke ensemble, with the balance due on the final delivery of the garments.

Payment for Prêt clothing is due on purchase.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or card.

How often should I dry clean my garments?

It is advisable to dry clean your wool suits twice a year, so as to not strip the fabric of its oils and lustre. Shirts and trousers should be steamed pressed.

Strictly refrain from machine washing worsted wool garments.